Sunday, April 01, 2012

Catanduanes - Caramoan Photo Diary

of jumping off planks...
the most beautiful cruise to Caramoan...
lovely homes by the ocean...
wading thru all kinds of waters...
a small boat at the pier..
endless laughs with such positive people...
the smell of the ocean air...
having an island all to ourselves..
the ocean eating the sky...
takeoffs and landings, and the shortest plane rides...
learning to skimboard with homemade boards from the locals...
getting on a boat that actually transports vegetables, and not travelers...
finding starfish...
carabaos on the beach...
a little bit of sunshine..
Bicolandia's abaca..
our skimboarding instructor..
a man making fishing tools..
the calmest waters and the greyest of skies...
setting up the boats...
lovely kayak rides...
trespassing so we could see a big old cave (in the end, I remembered climbing over the gate more than actually seeing the cave)
Driving off road..
...and lots of wide open spaces.

If you're thinking of heading to Caramoan, I highly recommend going thru Catanduanes, instead of Cam Sur. Catanduanes has such beautiful and underrated beaches. We went to five beaches and about 3 islands in the span of a few days. I came home with so many amazing memories...and an even more amazing sunburn. It was worth it, though.

Travel tips Catanduanes-Caramoan:
  • Flights to Virac (Catanduanes) are cheap--mine was less than 3,000 PHP for a round trip flight with no checked baggage, and that was not a promo fare. Flew in by Cebu Pac, flew out by Zest Air.
  • In Catanduanes, the easiest way around is via tricycle. We were lucky enough to have transpo during the trip, thanks to Congressman Cesar Sarmiento :) But we were able to take a trike and that was fun as well!
  • From Catanduanes, you can take a tricycle to Codon Port, where there will be boats going to Caramoan. A boat should be around 2,500 and it should fit about 5-6 people :)
  • There are a lot of things you can do in Catanduanes, but try not to miss surfing in Puraran beach! Puraran is really chill. We felt like the foreigners--literally all the guests we saw on that day were caucasian. And if you have skim boards, check out Mamangal Beach as well. Mamangal has nice sand :) The trike drivers will know these places.
  • I saw two possible accommodations (if you'll research, you'll probably see a handful more) Puraran and Twin Rock Beach Resort. We inquired at Puraran and cottages can go for less than a thousand! Puraran has amazing food! We're thinking of going back just to learn how to surf. Haha! Twin rock is less than 2,000 for a room, and the resort has activities like kayaking and zip line.
  • If you love the beach but you're a bit like me and just hate the throng of people in beaches like Boracay, Catanduanes is for you :) Few people, but lovely fine sand, and really clean coastlines. I love the island life in Catanduanes!

Hope this post gets you curious about Catanduanes... Have a lovely week ahead!xx



  1. Interesting ha, Catanduanes > Caramoan, subukan ko rin yan minsan :)

    1. You should! So many amazing landscapes to shoot there, I'll be excited to see what you come up with!

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  3. Were everything in here taken by your 50mm lens, Hannah? They were surely great shots! :)

  4. So beautiful! I am completely in awe! In love with that last shot, too!

  5. ang ganda naman ng Cataduanes, Caramoan

  6. This is beautiful. Catanduanes has so many beautiful spots to offer. And this is good that someone like you and the leaders has given the attention to discover, improve and make it known to people what the ISLA has to offer. Amazing !!! When I visit again i make sure I visit these places. Thanks for posting and this will be an instrument for the world to know the Beauty of the Island of Catanduanes!!

    1. I agree, the island is so beautiful. I will definitely come back... I am glad that you think that in its own way my blog is helping spread the word about the lovely Catanduanes :)

  7. wow!amazing shots and lovely ladies! thanks for taking time exploring our ISLA! ^_^ love it much! :)))

    1. Thank you for the kind comments :) I will definitely come back to your ISLA! It's beautiful, uncrowded, and everything I could hope for when I look for a trip to the ocean. I found so much peace there :)

  8. Have you tried surfing in Puraran? Coolest thing ever! I'm from Catanduanes by the way.

    1. Yes, we surfed in Puraran! Planning to stay there next time so I can really learn.

  9. interesting, i am starting to plan my travels , and will definitely try your suggestion.


  10. wew! caramoan next year... hopefully... nice post!

  11. ung 2,500 roundtrip na un?

  12. ang ganda talaga ng Caramoan, sa may option kayo kung yung pinakamura or kaya espesyal na tour package. cheapest rate i found is 1,000 per head 2 Days 1 Night with foods and accommodation

  13. Hi! Love your shots and adventures! I'm going to Cebu soon and is looking on for cheap hotels :D I am open for suggestions bcoz I still can't decide where to stay hehe Any suggestion?